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Continuing Education

Chiropractic is a fast-paced, dynamic profession. Each day as you work out the practical aspects of your career, the chiropractic body of knowledge and experience grows and becomes more complex. From college to retirement, the MCA keeps members on the leading edge, providing not only the latest information on what’s happening in professional education, but also the resources to manage the changes in the evolving health care field. Currently the State of Minnesota Chiropractic Board of Examiners currently requires twenty (20) continuing education hours for maintaining a license during each calendar year.

The Minnesota Chiropractic Association™ (MCA) follows the guidelines from the Minnesota Board of Chiropractic Examiners (MBCE) to ensure our educational programs are viewed as credible continuing education courses. Attendees are responsible for submitting their continuing education forms to the MBCE for their professional requirements. The MCA truly values our attendees input and reviews the comments that are noted on the evaluations. Attendees’ comments are what the MCA uses to continually improve and expand our educational efforts.

First year licensed doctors need not acquire credits during the calendar year in which they are licensed.

Of the twenty required hours, there are a certain number of hours required in specific areas. These are broken out below.

20 Hours:

  • 3 Hours Required in X-Ray
  • 1 Hour Required in Professional Boundaries
  • 2* Hours Required for Acupuncture
  • 6** Hours Required for Animal Chiropractic

If there is a particular topic or speaker you would like the MCA to consider, please email info@mnchiro.com.